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Uguisu No Fun – What is Uguisu No Fun?

What is Uguisu No Fun?

What is Uguisu No Fun?

Uguisu No Fun is a very effective and rare facial treatment that originated in Japan during the Edo period about 1600 A.D. Japanese Nightingale Bird Poop is a very important commodity in ancient Korea during the Heian period about 700 A.D. however, ancient Koreans only use the bird poop in removing stains from their clothing. These knowledge was passed on to the ancient Japanese but they thought, “if the bird droppings can remove stain in my kimono can it also remove discoloration from my face?” thus heralding the use of Uguisu as a facial treatment. They started using Uguisu to remove heavy make up and eventually noticed that their face are becoming clearer, pores are getting smaller, discolorations and blemishes are disappearing and the skin gives a unique glow. Women suffering from acne also noticed that no new pimples appear after they started using the mask and that their acne and blemishes disappears in just a few weeks. News of the new miracle facial treatment spread like wildfire in ancient Japan.

After a few years, most people in the entire Japanese islands are aware of the obvious benefits of using Uguisu No Fun as a facial treatment thus, increasing its demand during the 1700s. However, supply can never meet the demand. Due to the rarity of Cettia Diphone or Japanese Bush Warbler which is the only specie of Nightingale that can produce Uguisu No Fun and the difficulty of catching these birds as they tend to live in high altitude areas, price of Uguisu No Fun is as high as 2 Kobans per 1 Hyakume ( $1,500 U.S Dollars per 375 grams in today’s value) hence, only the very rich Japanese can afford this treatment such as the Empress, female members of the imperial family and daughters of feudal lords.  Males tend to avoid using any kind beauty treatments during this period as signs of ageing such as wrinkles and age spots are seen as overt signs of wisdom with the exception of male prostitutes that need to look young in order to attract clients for as long as possible.

Geishas with celebrity status during ancient Japan also enjoyed the privilege of using Uguisu and that is why the term Geisha Facial was coined. Geisha Facial is a misnomer though, as not all geishas can afford to purchase a jar of Uguisu. Only the most rich, powerful and influential geishas can use Uguisu. There is a scene in the movie, Memoirs of a Geisha wherein the protagonist Chiyo Sakamoto played by Zhang Ziyi, mixed pigeon droppings to Hatsumomo’s (Gong Li) Uguisu No Fun as a revenge because of the latter’s cruelty and perhaps because Chiyo was envious of Hatsumomo’s status as the highest paid geisha at that time.

Uguisu No Fun became a sought after beauty treatment because the history of its 400 years efficacy was recently proven by science through research and empirical evidence. Though still not hundred percent clear, we now know the fundamental mechanism of action on how Uguisu No Fun effectively smooths out skin imperfections, remove skin discolorations, gives an amazing rosy glow, make pores smaller, treats signs if ageing and sun damage as well as improve the overall appearance of the skin. Today in our times, we are privilege and honor to be able to sell and distribute this ancient tradition at your door steps without you having to spend $1,500 U.S Dollars for a jar. Due to advancement in technology and knowledge in Uguisu No Fun farming, you can now enjoy this rare and very effective beauty treatment for cheap. To know more on How Uguisu No Fun Work, simply click here.