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How Does Uguisu No Fun Works?

How Does Uguisu No Fun Work?

For over 400 years, Uguisu No Fun was used by the elite women of feudal Japan as it effectively make pores smaller, clarifies the skin, prevents acne, evens out skin tone, removes discolorations and blemishes as well as retarding signs and symptoms of skin ageing. It has been referred to by the Japanese as “Time Lock Facial”, “Geisha’s Secret”, “Miracle Powder”, “Dust of Eternal Youth” and “Powder of The Goddess”. For over 400 years, nobody knew why it works. Price sky-rocketed, apothecaries are selling Uguisu No Fun like hotcake and demand was very high but nobody bothered to explain how it works and nobody knows how does Uguisu No Fun works.

Research was long overdue when it comes on how Uguisu No Fun works as users does not care how does Uguisu No Fun works as long as it does. Though there are some documented researches with regards to Cettia Diphone or Japanese Nightingale bird during the early Meiji period around 1800s as well as another study regarding its reproduction, habitat and distribution patterns during the 1950s, it is only during the late 1990s that researchers completely understood the Uguisu bird and only during the year 2007 that scientists published their findings on how does Uguisu No Fun works.

Scientists were able to isolate 3 important compounds from the Japanese Nightingale Droppings and these are Guanine, Urea and Proteolytic Enzymes. Though Lipolytic Enzymes were also isolated, scientists believed that it carries no significant role in Uguisu No Fun’s amazing benefits as the upper skin layer is not made up of fats hence these enzymes could not have impacted Uguisu No Fun’s mechanism of action.

1. Guanine

Japanese Nightingale’s intestines are very short and its guanine content is very concentrated, unadulterated and unique among birds. Closest relatives of Japanese Nightingale such as the Common Nightingale have an intestine that is almost twice as long leading to the breakdown of guanine before it comes out from the bird’s cloaca thus rendering it ineffective for cosmetic use.

Guanine is an amino acid that gives glowing, iridescent effect when used on the human skin. It is the same amino acid responsible for the glowing effect we see on fish scales and pearls. A fundamental component of the human DNA, factors such as stress, diseases, sedentary lifestyle and ageing all seem to decrease the levels of guanine at the cellular level. Researchers point out that the relationship between guanine and ageing are inversely proportional and the human skin loses guanine as we age. Replenishing the skin cells with an external source of guanine is proven to reverse signs and symptoms of skin ageing and sun damage.

Researchers also discovered the guanine is very important in regulating melanocyte multiplication at the cellular level. Low levels of guanine triggers rapid and chaotic melanocyte replication and differentiation that we overtly see as skin discolorations and age spots. Guanine tends to regulate melanocyte activity thus reversing signs and symptoms of skin discoloration such as freckles, age spots and melasma.

2. Urea

Unlike mammals with different openings for urine and feces, birds have one common opening called cloaca thus, whenever the bird defecates, it also urinates and that is the white viscous mixture we see as poop. Japanese Nightingale feces contains a very potent humectant, or a substance that attracts and retain moisture, called Urea. All birds do have Urea on its poop, however, an average bird has only about 3% urea in its poop. Japanese Nightingale bird’s feces contains 18% Urea on its poop on the other hand thus, leading the scientists to believe that it plays an important factor in the anti ageing properties of the Uguisu No Fun.

Almost 100% of urea being used in the cosmetic industry are synthetic as it is not ideal to extract Urea from natural sources. Synthetic ammonia and carbon dioxide are used to produce urea. Recent studies show that natural urea from Uguisu No Fun is 5.2 times more hygroscopic, meaning that it absorbs and retain moisture better than synthetic urea. Scientists also theorized that natural urea also have a better skin healing and repair potential as it is more biologically homologous. Urea is also important in reversing signs and symptoms of skin ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and chronic dryness.

3. Proteolytic Enzymes

From the word “Proteo” meaning protein and “Lytic” meaning lysis or dissolution, it literally means protein dissolving enzymes and that is basically what it does. Our skin has a very thick layer of keratin that protects its surface. Though useful during the prehistoric times as keratin tend to protect the real skin from wild animals during hunting or being grazed by sharp thorns during gathering, it is not anymore needed by our body during these modern times. Keratin is also the protein that makes up our hairs and nails.

Think of keratin as the skin’s outer shell. The real skin underneath the dead skin layer will continuously shed while the dead skin layerwhich is made up of keratin obstructs and limit the shedding potential of the skin making the skin looks stressed and tired. Keratin also tends to block our pores, leading to acne, blackheads and whiteheads. It also tend to make the skin look dull and lifeless as it hid the real skin underneath. As the outer skin layer is thickened with keratin, it is more prone to developing imperfections such as wrinkles and discoloration.

The main function of proteolytic enzymes is to dissolve the keratin layer of the skin. Once the keratin layer is removed, the skin shedding will be much faster and as skin sheds faster, skin texture will suddenly improve. Pores are clarified resulting to acne and blemishes disappearing. Blackheads and whiteheads also disappear and skin tone will dramatically improve. With the dead skin layer gone, you will wear a radiant, glowing and healthy skin everyday.

The amazing benefits of uguisu no fun are endless and we recommend trying it as soon as possible to better understand why it is still the most sought after natural beauty treatment in Japan for over 400 years.