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Geisha Facial – What is Geisha Facial?

Geisha Facial

Geisha Facial

Uguisu No Fun is known as Geisha Facial in beauty clinics that offers it all around the world. It was called Geisha Facial for many reasons and one of them is simply because Uguisu No Fun is very hard to pronounce. Another reason is the association of Uguisu No Fun with geishas. The most successful and powerful modern geisha of all time, Mineko Iwasaki, is known to use Uguisu No Fun every night and as a matter of fact, the highest ranking geishas since 1600s have Uguisu No Fun as staple in their nightly beauty rituals. As we tend to think of geishas as beautiful women with white painted face and we associate Uguisu No Fun with a glowing and flawless skin, the two became inseparable.

Also called as Geisha’s Secret, Uguisu No Fun is widely used throughout the geisha community during the Edo period that continued up to the early modern times after the Meiji restoration and during World War II. As millions of Japanese soldiers prepare for the war and left their homes, entertainment and satisfying the sexual needs of these soldiers are deemed necessary by the officers and generals of the imperial army hence, the demand for geishas outside the Japanese capital increases and so is the demand for Geisha Facial.

However, the term Geisha Facial is quite a misnomer. Less than 10% of geishas can afford Uguisu No Fun and the remaining 90% use whitening powders for their face that contains lead and arsenic. Costing 2 Kobans per 1 Hyakume ( $1,500 U.S Dollars per 375 grams in today’s value), Uguisu No Fun is not cheap. Only popular and powerful geishas during those times can afford it. As it is very important to have a white skin during this era, geishas that cannot afford Uguisu No Fun go for the cheaper chemical alternative with deadly consequences unknown during those times. The rarity and high cost of Uguisu No Fun lead to one of the earliest recorded counterfeiting in the history of cosmetics. People will collect pigeon droppings, dry it and add rice bran on it to make it look brownish and sell it as Uguisu No Fun. There is a scene in the movie, Memoirs of a Geisha wherein the protagonist Chiyo Sakamoto played by Zhang Ziyi, mixed pigeon droppings to Hatsumomo’s (Gong Li) Uguisu No Fun as a revenge because of the latter’s cruelty and perhaps because Chiyo was envious of Hatsumomo’s status as the highest paid geisha at that time.

Today, Geisha Facial is offered at high end clinics, spas and aesthetic centers worldwide and usual clients are celebrities, athletes, politicians and the very rich. Oprah is known to frequent a spa for twice a week Geisha Facial and so is Tom Cruise. Victoria and David Beckham are known users as well and Victoria claimed that Uguisu No Fun is her holy grail facial treatment as it effectively clears her acne and made her skin flawless and healthy. Treatment with Geisha Facial usually costs about 100 to 200 U.S Dollars per session which is not affordable for everyone hence, we at coordinated with Uguisu Poo Co. Ltd. Japan, the only makers of Uguisu No Fun, to distribute the product worldwide at an affordable price. To know more on How Does Uguisu No Fun Work, click here.